Welcome to the only official home & information site of H2 LABS products.

H2 LABS INTERNATIONAL is the official and only manufacturer of H2 LABS products. H2 LABS was originally established in 2010 we remain one of the biggest and most private international organisation’s that sources and manufactures our own top level products. The people that use our products are patients, doctors, pharmacies and a large following of private and confidential clients. H2 LABS was established with a vision to be at the forefront of producing the best & highest quality pharmaceutical grade products serving the needs of both the healthcare industry and fitness industries alike.
Our mission is to provide safe, innovative, high quality, pharmaceutical grade products that ensure excellent results.
As a progressive organisation we have adopted a strategy of sustainable growth and development. This has resulted in remarkable customer satisfaction giving us an distinct identity on the market.

Firstly, you cannot buy H2 LABS products from this website. We do not sell directly to the end user from this website. This site is for informational purposes only. The material contained on this web site is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to promote or support the taking of anabolic/androgenic steroids or any other controlled substance/drugs.


Consumer Warning!!

The domain website h2labsonline.com and email address order@h2labsonline.com claim to be a legitimate reseller of H2 LABS products. They are NOT a reseller of our products and are a fake website. Do not make any purchase of our products from that site or email address. Please contact us and verify your source before you purchase any of our products and also verifying your products UIC. The domain address h2labsonline.com was previously a reseller of our products until they broke our terms of reference and regarding the sales and promotion of our products.

H2 LABS products are expensive to manufacture but are priced as competitvely as possible on the market.
Our products are hard to come by. We only a few verified distributers worldwide and on the web that are legitimate resellers of our brand H2 LABS. To buy our products you must find your local reseller. We do not sell our products on this information site.
Please be careful before you make any purchases of H2 LABS products. We believe that there will always be scammers are actively working around offering H2 LABS products at very low prices. In cases such as these you should be very suspicions.
Before you purchase, you should check the legitimacy of your supplier with us directly by sending us as much details as possible including as their (email or site URL) and or location if they have one so that we can check & confirm legitimacy. You can do that by clicking  here.

Also note that www.h2labsinternational.com is the only official domain of H2 LABS products.
Unless verified by us, all other domains that seem to be associated with H2 LABS unrelated to us and are operated by scammers.


Every Product from both our Injectable Range and Oral Liquid Range is supplied in its own unique box. Each and every product we produce also has its very own UIC (Unique Identity Code) which can be verified by our email address.
To check this code, simply click here

This offers unrivalled piece of mind that you are getting a genuine quality H2 LABS product that has not been tampered with in any possible way.

Injection Products and Liquid Products each have a UIC or Unique Identity Code displayed on the back of the each box for two main reasons, 1) to verify your product as legitimate and 2) to find our more about your product. To verify your product visit our Security Features page. The manufacture date, expiry date, and batch number, along with the number of your vial will then match your products and you can be very satisfied with your brand new H2 LABS product.


Oral Sachet Products also have a unique UIC (Unique Identity Code) ensuring that each pack is manufactured by us and is tracable by batch number. Once you receive your H2 LABS product please verify the UIC prior to use which will mark it off our database and ensure that you've got a legitimate product.

Our new secuity features product designs, and packaging allow our clients to be more informed about the products of which they purchase. Clients can quickly and easily verify their products by contacting us here directly.
When you buy our products from our verified distributers then you can be confident in using your H2 LABS product. Please contact us to find your nearest distributer or retailer.



TEST P 100mg/ml 10ml
TEST C 250mg/ml 10ml
TEST E 250mg/ml 10ml
NANDRO 250mg/ml 10ml
EQ 200mg/ml 10ml
MAST P 100mg/ml 10ml
MAST E 150mg/ml 10ml
PRIMO E 100mg/ml 10ml
RIP BLEND 150mg/ml 10ml
SUST BLEND 250mg/ml 10ml
TREN A 100mg/ml 10ml
TREN E 50mg/ml 10ml
NANDRO PP 100mg/ml 10ml
TREN H 200mg/ml 10ml
METRIX 2mg/ml 10ml
TEST B 100mg/ml 10ml
WINSTROL DEPOT 25mg/ml, 50mg/ml 10ml
TEST 400 400mg/ml 10ml
EQX 350mg/ml 10ml
TDBX 600 600mg/ml 10ml
NDX 600 600mg/ml 10ml
TE 500 500mg/ml 10ml
RB 300 300mg/ml 10ml
RB 600 600mg/ml 10ml
NNE 100mg/ml 10ml
MENT 100mg/ml 10ml
OXANDROX 20mg/Capsule x50
METHANDROX 20mg/Capsule x50
STANOX 20mg/Capsule x50
OXYMETHOX 20mg/Capsule x50
TURINABOX 20mg/Capsule x50
HALOTEX 20mg/Capsule x5
CLOMIX 20mg/Capsule x50
TAMOX 20mg/Capsule x50
MESTERX 20mg/Capsule x50
SILDEX 20mg/Capsule x50
TADALAX 20mg/Capsule x50
METHATEX 20mg/Capusle x50
AEROX 20mg/Capsule x50
ALX 20mg/Capsule x50
YINX 20mg/Capsiule x50
LIQUID OXANDROX 20mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID STANOX 25mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID CLOMIX 50mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID TAMOX 20mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID MESTERX 50mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID ARIMIX 5mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID LETROX 5mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID ALX 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID YINX 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID T3 200mcg/ml 20ml
LIQUID CHEQUE DROPS 200mcg/ml 20ml
LIQUID SR-9009 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID MK-677 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID MK-2866 10mg/ml 20ml
LIQUID RAD-140 10mg/ml 20ml
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